About this Blog

This blog is a spin-off of film and book reviews that I’ve been posting on blogs, Facebook groups and forums over the last decade. I try to be more than just a war movie buff or a gruff man-blog, though I am a war movie buff and some think I am gruff. I’m also not trying to be in-line with the pointy-headed academic reviewers and art school snobs, though I am somewhat academic and did go to design school. I do like to enjoy a story and interpret it through my particular worldview’s lens (something we all do, there is no neutrality). Please don’t ask me not to be so preachy. I’m a preacher, after all. For real.

If you enjoy history, literature, film, machines, firearms, guns, aviation, vintage style, and reviews of stories that toss political correctness to the rubbish bin where it belongs, then you may find these reviews enjoyable. Maybe you’ll find them way off the mark. Either way, I enjoy sharing them and hope you enjoy reading them.

– Scott


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